Assignments come from many different sources. To name a few:

  • From callings, when appropriate the calling can be assigned to an individual and will automatically show up on their list. The source for these callings will be marked as "Calling"
  • From ordinations. Similar to callings, when an ordination is assigned to someone it will show up in their list with a source of "Ordination"
  • Assignments that are made from within the assignment app will have a source of "assignment"
  • Any assignment made from within the agenda of a meeting will be tags as such and when listed for the assignees will show a source of the meeting type from which it came. If it was assigned during a bishopric meeting the source will show "Bishopric". If it was from ward council, you guessed it, it will show "Ward Council"
The find the source of an assignment and filter or sort by it, just open your assignments tab. Once there you'll see all the sources listed down the right side. You can click the column header to sort and group those by source, or type in the search for that source and filter down to only the ones you want to see.